Camp Noerager


Camp Nørager is a building of 495 sqm. There is room for 54 overnight guests and service for 60 people, for seating in the dining room. 

There is a well-equipped large kitchen with refrigerators, freezer, two ovens, gas stove, microwave, coffee maker and dishwasher. Including a wide range of service. Beside a combined scullery (kitchen) and cleaning room.

Bedrooms are divided into:

  • 2 with one single bed and one bunk bed.
  • 2 with room for 4 people in two bunk beds.
  • 5 bedrooms with room for 8 people in four bunk beds.

Cozy living room next to the dining room with 6 lovely sofas and tables, and shelving with various games for adults and children.
The entrance area is a lovely large room with room for hanging over-wear, and it includes two restrooms.

There are 7 toilets and 2 outdoor toilets under construction.
Two large bathrooms, and a separate handicap bathroom.

Sleeping quarter 1: Contains 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 toilets and a living room. 

Sleeping quarter 2: Contains 3 bedrooms and a toilet / bathroom.

The camp is handicap-friendly in its construction.

In 2019, as new owners, we have added great importance to safety and sustainability. Series-connected smoke alarms are installed, as well as a new water purification system, securing a safe fresh water from the first drop. 

New fire extinguishing equipment in the sleeping quarters and other rooms. Sustainable heating is covered by a new solar panel system, as well as an air-water system. There is of course free wifi.

Free wifi

Tenants bring themselves

  • The law, duvet and pillow / sleeping bag,
  • Towels and tea towels
  • Toilet paper and kitchen towel
  • Hand soap and dishwashing detergent for hand washing
  • Good mood and ready to stress down.
  • Machine dishwashing detergent is available, and we only use a neutral version, for protecting the environment, of course.

Camp Noerager


The 32,000 sqm plot offers a large lawn, forest with climbing trees, Sites with table benches, no traffic and no ponds; a place where everyone can move safely. Beside, a total from 80 outdoor seating places.

On the lawn is a large campfire site, football goals, a large Canadian tipi, as well as 4 shelters, each with room for 3-4 people. In addition, there is a roofed lunch house. There is plenty of room for tents and caravans. If you want rafters to make self-construction, we also manage that, of course. 

There are two large tiled terraces, one facing north and one facing south.

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